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The results of the precise survey on ranking factors of websites, conducted by two giants Moz and Searchmetrics are finally out. These industry tycoons had used the mammoth amount of data and took help of a panel of experts to come to a conclusion. With the help of enormous resources, they succeeded in pointing out the exact factors which influence the rankings for a website.


Below is the infographic by Moz, illustrating the top ranking factors.


On the other hand, Searchmetrics defined the ranking factors in categories making it easier to understand and implement. The full study can be found here. But if you are running out of time, we’ve clarified each point for you in short!

  • Technical: It’s still and will be the most important factor in determining the website ranking along with some great content.
  • User Experience: If the website content is well structured and engaging, it will most likely receive a positive reaction from a user and also search engine bots, leading the website to achieve better rankings.
  • Content: The study conducted on the content of top 30 pages last year shows that the average text limit exceeded by 25%. Also, the quality and relevancy of the content on websites has escalated significantly.
  • Social Signals: Barring high correlations, there is an upward surge in average signal per URL and position.
  • Backlinks: Backlinks remains a requisite to achieve higher ranks. But in near future, the influence of backlinks in improving website rankings may fade away and will be replaced by other relevant factors.

Here are some valuable tips to improve your website ranking from Searchmetrics –

  • User-friendly and Relevant content will work wonders.
  • Don’t think about keywords; create useful content with impeccable quality.
  • The content presented with solid facts and crafted around technical specifications will engage most of the audience. The copy and the design should complement each other and the whole structure should be well organized in order to provide the user a better experience.
  • Assemble the topics as per their relevancy and decide whether you will list them on an individual page or on a landing page.

Understanding and Implementing the above tips and tactics can give your website and your business a much-awaited boost. But if you are not versed with the technical terms and like to invest your time and energy on something else, then we are here to help you. Contact us with your requirement and let our professionals do the work for you!