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What is a Landing Page

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In its simplest form it is nothing more than a optimized targeted web page!

Landing pages are linked from online ad, e-mail links, or search engine results. It’s a step towa rds persuading a user to become a client or customer. The goal is to get the highest percentage of your visitors to take the desired action.

A landing page is an opportunity to seal a deal.  For this reason, creating the right one is crucial to any campaign.  The effectiveness of a landing page is measured by its conversion rate, meaning how often people who visit the page do whatever it is you want them to do.

So, how do you create a successful landing page?


In the overall process of marketing, a lot time and resources are spent on creative, production, media placement, etc. Often, without the proper attention, a landing page is marginalized: with the feeling that the strength of the overall campaign is all that is needed to attract customers.  However, getting a prospect to the landing page does not mean success – and a poor landing page could derail the best-planned marketing or advertising campaign.

How much weight does a landing page hold in comparison to other elements throughout a campaign? The landing page is the most important persuasion point for the user because it must:

  • Market to your specific users through market segmentation and persona development
  • Persuade users to do something
  • Build Trust and increase user’s confidence on the page
  • Engage by providing users with answers to their questions about your product/service
  • Improve your site’s usefulness
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Maximize campaign ROI

1. Simplicity: Simlify the design utilizing static images and easy to understand language.

2. Continuity: Make certain to maintain the scent through a continuous and consistent message from ad to landing page to checkout.

3. Ecommerce Landing Pages: Whether it’s a homepage, a category page, or a product page, it’s important to know where your users are landing on an ecommerce site.

4. Calls to Action: Don’t underestimate the power of your calls to action.  

5. Track everything. Online marketing is traceable. Each dollar spent can be measured and assessed through the various online analytics and assessment tools available. Take advantage and track everything.