The results of the precise survey on ranking factors of websites, conducted by two giants Moz and Searchmetrics are finally out. These industry tycoons had used the mammoth amount of data and took help of a panel of experts to come to a conclusion. With the help of enormous resources, they succeeded in pointing out the exact factors which influence the rankings for a website.


Below is the infographic by Moz, illustrating the top ranking factors.


On the other hand, Searchmetrics defined the ranking factors in categories making it easier to understand and implement. The full study can be found here. But if you are running out of time, we’ve clarified each point for you in short!

  • Technical: It’s still and will be the most important factor in determining the website ranking along with some great content.
  • User Experience: If the website content is well structured and engaging, it will most likely receive a positive reaction from a user and also search engine bots, leading the website to achieve better rankings.
  • Content: The study conducted on the content of top 30 pages last year shows that the average text limit exceeded by 25%. Also, the quality and relevancy of the content on websites has escalated significantly.
  • Social Signals: Barring high correlations, there is an upward surge in average signal per URL and position.
  • Backlinks: Backlinks remains a requisite to achieve higher ranks. But in near future, the influence of backlinks in improving website rankings may fade away and will be replaced by other relevant factors.

Here are some valuable tips to improve your website ranking from Searchmetrics –

  • User-friendly and Relevant content will work wonders.
  • Don’t think about keywords; create useful content with impeccable quality.
  • The content presented with solid facts and crafted around technical specifications will engage most of the audience. The copy and the design should complement each other and the whole structure should be well organized in order to provide the user a better experience.
  • Assemble the topics as per their relevancy and decide whether you will list them on an individual page or on a landing page.

Understanding and Implementing the above tips and tactics can give your website and your business a much-awaited boost. But if you are not versed with the technical terms and like to invest your time and energy on something else, then we are here to help you. Contact us with your requirement and let our professionals do the work for you!

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Digital marketing is the promotion of your brand, services and products using multiple forms of electronic media. Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing in that it involves the use of channels and methods that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what isn’t.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO performed properly results in higher rankings for your web site on relevant searches with the ultimate goal of achieving the number 1 position on the first page of Google.

Video Marketing

In such a fast-paced world, many consumers would rather watch an informative and compelling 2 to 3 minutes of video than spend fifteen to twenty minutes reading text. Indeed, video is an ideal marketing tool as it can communicate key points to the target audience very quickly.

Brand Establisher

The next most important things to secure for your brand, after acquiring your domain name, are your account names and profiles on social media, blogs, and local directories.

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Social media optimization increases awareness about a business, brand, product or service; as well as amplifying the engagement with your target audience, and so generating more leads, prospects and customers.

Local Buzz

People and businesses are increasingly looking at local listings for shopping, dining services, vendors and more. For these reasons, appearing in the local search results can help a business stand apart from its competition

Email Marketing

Market leaders like HP, Intel, NIKE, Twitter, Ebay, APPLE, use the same back end email marketing software to build stronger relationships with their customers and prospects at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Target your potential customers with online ads set to only appear at a certain time for specific geographic locations


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Content marketing is a great way to build your brand online. With the right kind of content, you can build and optimize your brand on the Internet so that it brings more traffic to your website and more sales to your business. More importantly, it can improve the overall image of the business and results in more sales, referrals, and consequently, more website traffic. The cycle goes on and on.

But if content marketing is so effective for branding, how come a lot of small and medium-sized businesses are struggling in building their brand through content? What challenges do business owners like you face and what can you do to overcome them? Read how we can help >>>

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Brand Awareness: Top Content Marketing Goal
It’s important to first understand the link between content marketing and brand markeing. By now, many marketers – probably your competition included – have already realized the power of content when it comes to boosting brands. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and Marketing Profs, the No. 1 reason why organizations use content marketing is to raise brand awareness. Some 79% of marketers surveyed said so.Other goals that scored high in the survey are customer acquisition (71%), customer retention / loyalty (65%), engagement (64%), and website traffic (62%). However, brand awareness is the only goal that nearly broke the 80% mark. Obviously, today’s businesses want to improve their branding online and are using content to make it happen. Read how we can help >>>

Content Improves Branding, Website Traffic & Sales

Now if brand marketing is the top priority for content marketers, how then do they measure success? Still according to the CMI and Marketing Profs research, majority of marketers cite web traffic as their main metric (66%). Others said they measure content marketing success by looking at social media sharing (52%), time spent on website (46%), and direct sales (44%), among others.Indeed, the right mix of content marketing that boosts your brand will result to more traffic, engagement, shares and sales.

Your Brand Needs Engaging Content Now
The tricky part, with assigning your content marketing efforts to agencies, is knowing which content can be used for both brand optimization and traffic generation. What type of content is effective enough to yield both results? Indeed this is a nuisance. Should you ask the marketing agency to create typical SEO articles? Should you order press releases or product pages?To understand what is “engaging,” you need to know what type of format your audience wants. In this regard, two formats stand out: videos and articles. Research by Gfk found that business decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement. Marketers agree; some 72% of respondents in a Custom Content Council survey said branded content is more effective than magazine advertisements.In the case of video, Accenture found that 90% of consumers actually watch online video. Here’s more: according to data collected by Animoto, 96% of consumers said they found videos helpful in making purchase decisions. Some 71% went as far as saying watching corporate videos left them with a positive impression of the brand. When it comes to reach, engagement, and building the brand, the best content formats to use are videos and articles.
brand marketing
Optimizing Content for Both Brand & Traffic
In typical online marketing techniques, content is optimized by making it more “searchable” to search engines. This entails the proper categorization and tagging, as well as the inclusion of meta tags, which are keywords that communicate with search engines like Google. You can also use this approach when using content for branding – with a slight addition to the process.When you want to use content for branding, it must be tailored to improve the image of the business. This means balancing and mixing your key messages to address both the needs of your target market and yours brand . Progressive marketers are going in this direction. According to Forrester, 79% of marketers asked said their organizations are shifting to branded content.While your customers appreciate it when you write about them, their needs, and how you can solve their problems, they also want to get to know you. They need to know if you are a brand they can trust and be loyal to, Remember, 62% of consumers prefer to buy from brands they are familiar with rather than try a new seller, a Nielsen study found. This is your opportunity to help them get to know you. You need to highlight the strengths of your business and make potential and existing customers understand why they should deal with you. This might mean you’ll be exerting extra effort as branded articles and videos are more difficult to create, but if you succeed, you’ll not only get that website traffic you need, you’ll also be able to build and optimize your brand.We can help build and optimize your brand online through content. We combine the power of articles and videos so your website gets the traffic it badly needs and your brand gets the boost it deserves. or call now at 1-877-281-3467 so we can schedule your free consultation on brand optimization.
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What is a Landing Page

landing pages

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In its simplest form it is nothing more than a optimized targeted web page!

Landing pages are linked from online ad, e-mail links, or search engine results. It’s a step towa rds persuading a user to become a client or customer. The goal is to get the highest percentage of your visitors to take the desired action.

A landing page is an opportunity to seal a deal.  For this reason, creating the right one is crucial to any campaign.  The effectiveness of a landing page is measured by its conversion rate, meaning how often people who visit the page do whatever it is you want them to do.

So, how do you create a successful landing page?


In the overall process of marketing, a lot time and resources are spent on creative, production, media placement, etc. Often, without the proper attention, a landing page is marginalized: with the feeling that the strength of the overall campaign is all that is needed to attract customers.  However, getting a prospect to the landing page does not mean success – and a poor landing page could derail the best-planned marketing or advertising campaign.

How much weight does a landing page hold in comparison to other elements throughout a campaign? The landing page is the most important persuasion point for the user because it must:

  • Market to your specific users through market segmentation and persona development
  • Persuade users to do something
  • Build Trust and increase user’s confidence on the page
  • Engage by providing users with answers to their questions about your product/service
  • Improve your site’s usefulness
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Maximize campaign ROI

1. Simplicity: Simlify the design utilizing static images and easy to understand language.

2. Continuity: Make certain to maintain the scent through a continuous and consistent message from ad to landing page to checkout.

3. Ecommerce Landing Pages: Whether it’s a homepage, a category page, or a product page, it’s important to know where your users are landing on an ecommerce site.

4. Calls to Action: Don’t underestimate the power of your calls to action.  

5. Track everything. Online marketing is traceable. Each dollar spent can be measured and assessed through the various online analytics and assessment tools available. Take advantage and track everything.


Content Impacts Traffic & Leads

Content Impacts Traffic to your website
According to the research, “Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000+ Businesses,” the traffic a website receives is typically proportional to its number of pages. Using a traffic index, HubSpot found that websites with 50 pages or fewer reach the 100 mark. On the contrary, websites with 1,000 pages or more are able to hit the 2000 traffic index.
Content was also seen to impact lead generation. Using a similar index for new leads, researchers observed that websites with over 1,000 pages are able to reach the 1,400 index. Meanwhile, websites with 50 pages or fewer were only able to hit the 100 mark for new leads.

Finally, the study showed that content via blogging also affects a website’s inbound links. According to HubSpot estimates, websites that blog get 97% more inbound links than those that don’t. Websites that blog also get an average 434% more indexed pages.
To download the full report from HubSpot, click here >>

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